Who knows?

Wondering woman

Well, you do for one.

Know what you want for the elders in your care:  safe, reliable, comfortable, and affordable.

Healthcare in general seems to be becoming  more expensive and elder and senior care is, let’s admit, not cheap.

But, it’s all worth it if the quality is there.

Manufacturers hear the same:  The quality,service and support have to be behind the product they sell.

Dog reading

In the age of google and her kin, research is king.  Our customers tell us they still use “old fashioned” methods – word of mouth and “kicking the tires” as means to find what they want to consider.

We invite you to view our website: www.mastercarebath.com for information for spa tubs and hygiene products.  We’re introducing a Toilet Lift Seat you may find interesting.


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