What is the Entreé Spa Tub?

The MasterCare Entrée Spa Tub is the IDEAL side entry spa system for your Assisted Living or Elder Care community.  Customers supporting Elders with Dementia or Alzheimer’s find the Entree very appealing.  Hospice, Rehab, and LTC communities also use the Entrée spa tub to transform their residents’ hygiene!

MasterCare Entree Bath Spa Tub - Caretaker

Your Entreé Spa Tub provides easy and safe accessibility along with simple, reliable controls located for your caregiver’s convenience. The Entreé is spacious and along with BathAire hydro massage, it is sure to be one of the highlights for your residents at your facility and marketed to future clients.

 MasterCare Entree Bath Spa Tub - Door 2

Bathing can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of life at your facility. With the Entree spa, you will be providing a safe, comfortable, rejuvenating activity and also a focal point for promoting and enhancing the home like environment to your potential clients! 


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