“Please come to Boston in the Springtime…”

As we were thinking of that song with the Boston opening lyric in Boston earlier this month, and contemplating the artist – ultimately resorting to Google (what did we DO before the internet?) (It’s Dave Loggins by the way), we were also contemplating all the folks that were stopping to see us from all over the US.  That’s one of the BEST things about a conference like this – we get to meet so many of you from all over this great country.

Leading Age 2015

Here again are some of the things we heard from you in regard to how you are transforming bathing / hygiene at your elder care or care communities.  Or want to improve how you’re bathing the folks for which you work!  Thanks for sharing your VOICE with MasterCare at Leading Age –

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If we didn’t have a chance to connect, hope you enjoyed your convention and expo visit and trip to Boston!  Thanks “bean town” for hosting!  I’m going to practice my Bostonian accent! :o) 

We also want to know how we can help you transform hygiene at your care community. Or what you’re looking for when you explore options for keeping mom or dad (or grandparents) in their own home.


Needing assistance with bathing is one of the main reasons people end up needing independent living or assisted living community care and having to move from their private residence into a shared community setting.

Again at this event, we heard a lot of folks talking about the need for Memory Care hygiene options.  Being lifted up, or tilted back is NOT a workable solution.  Several times we heard about the need for manufacturers of spas, baths and hygiene products to be luxury like and appealing – but keep the functionality for  bathee AND bather.

Many responsive manufacturers (like MasterCare) have heard you!

You shouldn’t settle for outdated ideas repackaged to look modern and new.  An interesting statement:  “Unless you can truly improve upon the concept – even if you’re giving it away for free – don’t take my time with it.”  Duly noted.

MasterCare is proud to manufacture innovative transformative hygiene products – ideal easy access, luxury spas, functional and pretty tubs and toilet lift seats – that meet your needs.  At affordable prices. We’re proud to work with many of the top senior care organizations in the country.


We’re here because of you — keep those comments/ suggestions coming!

See ya on the next round,

**This post originally appeared Nov 3rd 2015, updated to “thank you for visiting us in Boston!”

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