Walk in Tub…?

We hear it a LOT!

“The Entree spa would be PERFECT in my mom and dad’s home!” (Or Aunt’s home, or Grandpa’s home, or MY home) – UT Home Install Entree XL“Are they available for residential purchase?”

Short answer – “Yes!” — The long answer is also Yes”, just be aware of the specs of the tub and the size of your space. We recommend most of our Residential customers consult with a plumber or contractor to review the installation instructions of the Entree spa tub. Entree AVXL Ruby seated hands on walker

We have MANY happy “home install” customers mainly because they see the value in the Entree’s easy entry and exit. The picture to the far left is from a new “home install” in UT.  We hear folks saying they want to have NO barrier or threshold to step up or over, no door swinging in or out to maneuver around.  The Entree tub door rolls under the tub – out of the way of entry or exit – so it is a simple “sit and pivot” (sit down, pivot legs in).

The cantilevered seat design makes sitting down into or getting up out of the tub seat – which is typical chair height by the way – much easier.

MasterCare’s BathAire bubbles and aromatherapy features are no cost features our customers LOVE. MB68AVXL Top View BathAire Bubble Ruby in  tubThe heated seat option has become very popular to complete that luxury spa experience with a MasterCare Entree spa tub.

There are lots of manufacturers & models to choose from when looking at walk in tubs. Purchasing one that makes it easy to get in and out should be top on your list. Easy to operate and clean rank right up there too.
If you’d like assistance; we’re happy to help you wade through your options.

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