Using Color With Intention

The psychological effects of color play an important role when architects and designers work in the design or decoration of interiors, especially in facilities or spaces for health and emotional care, and elderly communities.

We all know that color exerts a great influence on our perception of the world and, therefore, our emotions. Color is originated by the reflection of light on object’s surfaces: A ray of light contains all colors of the spectrum. When light touches an object’s surface, some of those colors are absorbed, and those that are not, are reflected. Our eyes receive this reflection that is interpreted by our brain, resulting in the color we perceive.

Color is the interpretation that our brain makes out of the physical light reflection from objects. This interpretation is determined by different factors: the physiological (the ability of our brain to interpret reflected light); and environmental: the person’s cultural background, geographical location, personal experiences, etc. This explains, among other things, why the preference for certain colors varies from person to person and how colors influence our perception of the world.

We can use color to stimulate emotions and promote moods. Cold colors, those around the blues, are related to tranquility, calmness, passivity, and moderation, and are recommended in places where concentration, relaxation and rest are needed, or where one is expected to spend a lot of time. If the cold tone becomes too pronounced, it can lead to depression. Warm colors, which are around yellow and red, are related to energy, dynamism and favor vitality, joy and movement.

Gray, white and black, are neutral colors, and that range includes all colors that have gray, white and black as a base, but with influence of other tints. Neutral colors are usually soft, and do not compete with other colors around them. They are easy to combine and can be used to complement other colors. They are related to elegance, sobriety, and intellect.

The neutral colors of our bathtubs and other products allow us to adapt or melt in any environment, accentuating the effect you want to give. MasterCare also offers custom colors, so our products can be part of the environment you have created.

Look for more information about our products color options or contact us for custom colors.

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