That time of year again – Thanks.

It always sneaks up — but really Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that are the same day every year – so no excuse for not being prepared!

elderly couple thanksgiving

That good natured scolding was probably more for me than you.  You’re an organized and well planned bunch I’m guessing.

So, here we are – ready or not for Thanksgiving – but really we’re not just Thankful during this one month, or this one week, or one day (at least I hope not….)

As the “craziness” spreads throughout our world, we have to work harder to maintain focus and positivity and gratitude.  Maybe it’s more of a reminder to than an actual effort.  Studies show that gratitude in thought and expression can have a positive outcome on our mind, body, and spirit — not to mention relationships.  The Mayo Clinic even offers a chart for practicing positive thoughts!

gratitude image

So, what about positive thoughts for our elders or those in care settings?

Some studies show Elders as just as, if not more influenced by not only what they think, but what others project in their presence (attitude). Older people become what they think.  All the more reason to adopt some of the Changing Aging ideas of getting older, elders and age in general and gratitude.  What if nearly everything we think about aging is wrong?  Including our expressions of gratitude for those older than we are?

Seniors with caregiver

This question and this topic, I predict, will only continue to be raised and expanded as we move though the Boomers aging process.

So, we’ll count our blessings and be a bit kinder to one another – really make an effort to appreciate our elders one thankful day after another.

Thanks for taking the time,


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