Shower vs. Bath

To bathe or to shower, that is the question. Our answer? You can do both!

All MasterCare Tubs include an adjustable shower wand and expanding shower hose.  With the BathAire feature, your shower can stay warm and cozy while relaxing on the comfort designed seat. Add the ComfortWarm, heated seat feature for an added layer of warmth.

BathAire is standard on all tubs, (Yes, really!). A hygienic closed loop, aeration system to please the bather with bubbles, producing a relaxing hydromassage effect to soothe and calm and a true spa experience. And for the shower fan, BathAire generates warm, continuous air to keep the individual comfortable.  The beauty of BathAire is that it can be run before, during and after the shower or bath.  This allows BathAire to warm the inside of the tub and help maintain bath water temperature or keep the individual that is showering warm.

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