My husband and I recently had a “date-night”. We found our way to a local pub and seated ourselves in their outdoor garden area and enjoyed the warm air of an evening in spring.

We found ourselves reminiscing while we munched away on our meal of hot wings and deep-fried mushrooms, cauliflower, mini-tacos & gizzards (I said it was a date night, not a “healthy date night” =o) ) about his Mom and how she loved gizzards!
“My mom too!”, I piped excitedly!

Mike & I met later in our adult lives, sadly after his mom had passed away from Diabetes complications and mine was well in the unrelenting grip of Alzheimer’s. Actually, she passed away the day before we were to leave on our destination wedding.
Both of our fathers had died suddenly as well. So, we never had the pleasure of really knowing our “in-laws”.

We do however so enjoy reminiscing about our parents, what we learned from them and really, what we learned about ourselves when the roles were reversed and we as their children stepped into the caregiver role.

Although I never witnessed them interacting, I can certainly see how my husband’s caring ways helped his mother in the dark days of her illness that stole her in the prime of life. And he was there at the very end when my love and need for her, couldn’t keep my own mother on earth – and hurt & rejoiced with me as we knew in passing Mom was free once again.

We finished the last bites of our meal in silence as we both were lost in loving memories of our parents. As we got up to leave, Mike squeezed my hand and smiled. We looked at each other, knowingly & lovingly and laughed, grateful for memories and moments together.

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