Reflections from staff at MasterCare……..

A nice story from TR in our Marketing Department…..
So, a couple of weekends ago, I stopped into our local, small-town grocery store to pick up a few items-right before they closed at noon on a Sunday. As I was getting to the register, I was greeted with the biggest, warmest, friendliest smile from the young woman who was working. She was chatty, asked if I was the “new family” in town. Like I said, it is a SMALL town. She went on, ringing up the groceries, asking me where I worked, what I did, how old my girls were, how they liked school, etc. After I paid, I realized I had no idea what her name was, because she was asking about ME and interested in what I had to say rather than telling me all about herself, the town, etc. As I grabbed a couple of the bags, she grabbed the rest and followed me out to my truck, without even asking if I needed help. Now, I have 4 little girls and can hold a LOT of groceries without help! Anyway, she continued to talk with me and all I could really think about is how AWESOME of a feeling it was to have someone I had never met show an interest in me and my family instead of telling me all about them and the new town.
As a sales consultant for MasterCare bathing systems, I hope I can make each of my clients feel like I did that day-Welcome, Wanted and Important! Some of the smallest things in life mean the most!