MasterCare offers a supine, full immersion bathing tub for residents with highly profound positioning challenges: The "Recumbent" and the Recumbent Stretcher lift.


  • Keyhole shape
  • Prefill before resident brought to bathing area
  • BathAire(sm): The only closed-loop air system on the market
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deck mounted certified plumbing package and push button controls
  • 2” pop-up drain and overflow
  • Lockable service access doors
  • On-board disinfecting system
  • 2 solid colors (white or tan) at no charge
  • 1 granite color choice (Arizona Sand) at no charge


  • Improved ergonomic access to your resident
  • Expedite bathing routine
  • Superior hygienic alternative to whirlpool or open-air systems
  • Relaxing addition and standard feature on every MasterCare model
  • Allows for easy operation of all controls
  • Tub drains quickly
  • Allows for secure, convenient storage of MasterCare Disinfectant liquids
  • Automatic dispensing that controls amounts of product used


  • Non-institutional shape helps create a normal bathing environment
  • Bath water is ready when resident is brought to the bathing area
  • Creating the most sanitary spa experience for your residents
  • Enhances mood, cognitive function and health
  • User friendly controls makes training easy
  • Allows maintenance convenient access to plumbing while creating additional storage space
  • Less waste of liquid products


  • Scale for lift
  • Multitude of colors

Recumbent Bath System brochure

Recumbent Spa System Specifications

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