Toilet Lift Seat

MasterCare is again transforming hygiene with the introduction of the “Toilet Lift Seat”.
Featuring a Hydro-Powered lift design, MasterCare has developed this groundbreaking technology with input from independent therapists. As recommended by occupational therapists, the motion of MasterCare’s Toilet Lift Seat is forward then up, offering more secure foot placement for the user. The curved, elongated arm rest offers additional security and ergonomic support. On-board hand controls and toilet tissue dispenser enhance operation. Lightweight fiberglass components are easy to clean.

Toilet Lift Seat features:

  • Water powered from the toilet tank line
  • Width: 34”
  • Height: 25 ½”
  • Depth: 36 ¾”
  • Seat height: 17 ¾”
  • Arm width: 21”
  • Arm height from seat: 8”
  • Assists in lifting up to 400 pounds at 40 psi
  • Bariatric Chair version coming soon
  • No batteries required
  • Single lever control
  • Reviewed by independent physical and occupational therapists for ergonomics
  • Stationary unit easily moved from toilet to toilet
  • Designed for oval and elongated toilet — ADA compatible
  • 100% shielded for corrosion resistance and safety
  • Pre-wetting of inside of toilet bowl surface enhances bowl cleanliness

Toilet Lift Seat Brochure

Research indicates that some of the cost of MasterCare’s toilet lift seat could be reimbursed under Medicare / Medicaid.
A doctor will need to approve the device and a Certificate of Medical Necessity (form CMS 849) would need to be filled out and submitted.
Please check with your doctor or local Medicare / Medicaid office for more information.