Integrity Bath System

The MasterCare Integrity tub is a versatile system that can be used for daily hygiene for nearly all levels of care at your Elder Care or Resident Care community. It is a complete bathing system for all skills levels! The MasterCare Integrity Transporter can be used as a complete hygiene chair, in addition to being used in the Integrity bathing tub.

Integrity Bath System brochure

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  • Versatile options to suit levels of care and placement requirements within each facility
  • Metal components on transporter are made of stainless steel or powder coated aluminum
  • Liquids and Disinfecting Dispensing
  • BathAire(sm): The only closed-loop air system on the market
  • Aromatherapy
  • Certified plumbing package, push button controls and GFCI reset
  • 2″ Pop-up drain and overflow as well as factory plumbed casual water drain
  • Commode attachment standard
  • One articulating arm rests on transporter
  • Comfort pads for Transporter, plus security belts & pads included with purchase
  • Optional rapid-fill reservoir
  • Tilt-in-Space for Transporter Chair
  • Optional water-resistant scale for Transporter


  • In today’s competitive market, an Integrity System will set your facility apart
  • Allows you to bathe a wide variety of individuals utilizing existing lifts and stands
  • Superior hygienic alternative to whirlpool or open-air systems
  • Relaxing addition and standard feature on every MasterCare model
  • Allows for easy operation of all controls
  • Tub drains quickly and diverts residual water


  • Showcase your Integrity System as a Marketing Tool and create an additional revenue source
  • Allowing for easy transfers
  • Creating the most sanitary spa experience for your residents
  • Enhances mood, cognitive function and health
  • User friendly controls makes training easy
  • The Integrity System’s features help make bath time more enjoyable for residents and staff
The Transporter features a revolutionary tilt-in-space chair design. There is a peri area opening and the transporter fits over a standard toilet. It comes standard with security belts, comfort pads, rated at 400 pounds; constructed of power-coated aluminum, gel coated fiberglass and composites – it is built for ease of maneuverability, cleaning and use! Available in white or tan.

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