Recumbent Tub Specifications



Width 35 ½"
Length 84"
Side Deck Height 34 ½"
Control Deck Height 38 ¾"
Back Flow Prevention: Air gap for tub fill spout. Note: The factory provided backflow prevention is the most widely accepted. Local codes may require changes, which is the responsibility of the local plumbing contractor.
BathAire(SM) Outlets Electric: 4 with 6 ports each for a total of 24 warm air massage outlets.
Electrical: Provide separate 115V-AC, 60 Hz, 20 Amp. circuit and receptacle with in-line ground fault interrupter (not supplied) in accessible location.
Installation Time: 1 hours
Inspection and Adjustments: ½ hours
Motor Specs: BathAire(SM) Motor: 115 V, 7 Amp, 1.3 H.P. Adjustable speed for maximum comfort and control.
Room Size: 7' wide x 8'10" long minimum recommended. Can fit in smaller room; call MasterCare with dimensions.
Switches: Membrane
Thermometer: Analog or digital temperature measurements.
Tub Fill/Shower: 30 GPM thermoscopic mixing valve with separate fill and shower flow control valve.
Tub Shell: Sanitary gel-coated FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer).
Tub Water Use: 65 gallons.
Waste: 2" PVC schedule 40 pipe.
Water Supply: ¾” Copper hot and cold. Minimum of 30 PSI for hot and cold required. Maximum temperature of hot water supply 115°F or code, whichever is less.
Weight: 400 lbs.


Stretcher Platform with Head Rest 70” Long, 22” Wide
Overall Width of Lift-Without Scale 36” Door opening clearance
Overall Width of Lift-With Scale 37 ¾” Door opening clearance
Lift Base 44 1/2” Long, 28” Wide
Travel (Stroke) Range 19 ½” Up and Down
Stretcher Platform 40” Up Position
Bottom Height 21” Down Position
Top of Column Height 50” Down Position
70” Up Position
Stretcher Lift Specifications
Battery 24 V output at 2.0 Ah, high capacity with over 60 cycles when fully charged.
Capacity: 400 lbs.
Casters: Four inch rear swivel casters with brake, three inch dual wheel swivel casters.
Comfort Pads: Vinyl
Construction: 100% powder coated aluminum with stainless steel hardware.
Power: 24 V DC actuator system for quiet, efficient operation.
Weight: 175 lbs. Shipping
Scale Specifications
Accuracy: Within 0.1% of capacity
Capacity: The scale uses 2 - 200 kg., single point, aluminum load cells with potted gauges for moisture protection. The load cells have matched output so that load cell exchange does not then necessitate calibration.
Display: LCD with .60” high characters
Electronics: Utilizes a microprocessor controlled digital electronics for reliable and trouble
free operation
Mechanical: Electronics enclosure is stainless steel with plastic overlay. The load cell
supports are heavy gauge stainless steel. All fasteners are stainless steel.
Mode: Pounds (lb.) and Kilograms (kg)
Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries
Repeatability: To within 1 displayed division
Resolution: The present resolution is .5 lb. If finer resolution is needed, it is factory