Integrity Tub Specifications



Width Standard (MB-80) 34 ½"
Width Console (MB-80-R) 52 ½"
Length Standard (MB-80) 70"
Length Console (MB-80-R) 79"
Tub Rim Height (All Models) 36 ½"
Console Height Console (MB-80-R) 68"
Back Flow Prevention: 1" Air gap for tub fill, vacuum breakers for MB-80-R shower hoses. Watts N-9 double checks for MB-80 shower hoses. Note: The factory provided backflow prevention is the most widely accepted. Local codes may require changes, which is the resposibility of the local plumbing contractor.
BathAire(SM) Outlets: 5 with 6 ports each for a total of 30 warm air massage outlets.
Door Seal: Seal certified by Warnock Hersey to the ASME A112.19.15-2005, and ASTM D 2000 standards to ensure long lasting durability for bathtubs with pressure sealed doors. Highly resistant to oils, detergents and all water conditions.
Electrical: UL/CSA approved 120V AC, 60 Hz, 15 Amp dead front GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
Installation Time: 1 ½ hours
Inspection and Adjustments: ½ hours
Liquids Storage Located behind lockable service access doors.
Motor Specs: BathAire(SM) Motor: 120 V, 11 Amp, 1.3 H.P. Variable speed with built-in 600 watt heating element for maximum comfort and control.
Patent: US 6,7666,543 B1.
Room Size: Standard Model 6' wide x 9'4" long: Console model 6' wide x 10' long. Can fit in smaller room; call MasterCare with dimensions.
Services Access Controlled access through lockable service doors.
State Standards: IL Dept. of Public Health, Product approval letter dated 10/28/04.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Approval Code P3-1108-235

Michigan State Code Commission, Certificate of Acceptability No. 1554 PA.

Wisconsin Administrative Code. In Compliance with chapters Comm. 82 through 84, Wis. Adm. Code, and Chapters 145-160, Wisconsin Statues. Product File #20060062 & 20010143.

Establishment Registration: 3003336913
Switches: Membrane
Thermometer: Digital temperature measurements.
Tub Entry: Door counter-balanced with simple guidance system for ease of operation.
Tub Fill/Shower: On-board high volume maxim valve tested to ASSE-1016-2005 and volume controlled shower wand with back-flow prevention tested to ASME A112.18.3
Tub Shell: Sanitary gel-coated FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer).
Tub Water Use: 55 gallons minimum with normal displacement 4 inches below overflow escutcheon.
Waste: 2" PVC schedule 40 pipe.
Water Connection: ¾” hose swivel connections supplied by manufacturer.
Water Supply: ¾” Copper hot and cold. Minimum of 30 PSI for hot and cold required. Maximum temperature of hot water supply 115°F or code, whichever is less. Shut off valves at unit supplied by local plumbing contractor.
Weight: MB-80 (420 lbs), MB-80-R (Tub 385 lbs, Console 240 lbs), MT-80 Transfer system (150 lbs).
Useful Life: Approximately 10 years -- determined by use and conditions.