Nourishing Mind, Body, Spirit

National Assisted Living symbol 2015

Happy National Assisted Living Week!

Sept 13-19 2015 is celebrated by communities across the country.  This year’s theme is “Nourishing Life: Mind, Body, and Spirit“.  

Assisted Living staff members and caregivers diligently work to ensure the lives of the Elders they support are nourished (mind, body, spirit) everyday.  And even probably more importantly the Elders nourish the lives of the staff, team members and volunteers in those communities.

Talk about a win / win.


Fallon Medical Center, Baker MT IntegrityThere are countless ways to nourish mind, body and spirit – address the whole person:   A relaxing soak in a bubbly hydrotherapy tub comes to mind for many, a walk on a beach, a trip to the park, a visit from an area daycare, a field trip to the symphony, even watching the sunset – these suggestions from experts only scratch the surface.

It’s nice to know the National Council on Assisted Living has put so much time and effort into rallying focus around this very important sector of Elder Care.  Assisted Living residences are filled with creative individuals engaging residents and Elders every day – its fun to witness, and many ramp things up for National Assisted Living Week.

Spirited EldersChoosing Assisted Living can be a challenging prospect.  Experts stress: Don’t go it alone.   There are many great resources available.  Check out this Institute of Bathing for some helpful links.  Asking questions of those residents and Elders who call that community home is sound, solid advice too.

Taking a tour during National Assisted Living week would be fun, and you might leave there with a nourished mind, body and spirit of your own!

Thanks for taking the time.



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