New year, new plan


So, it’s 2016.
Along with all the other New Years resolutions you made for this year (studies show only 8% of people who make new years resolutions, keep them) you also want to begin the conversation with mom and dad about long term care options – including finances, insurance & living options.

Seniors with caregiver

But where do you begin?

A study conducted a few years back revealed (at that time) almost 10 million people needed some form of long term care in the US.  Perhaps it surprises you to learn 3.6 million (37%) of those 10 million were under age 65.  So you might be thinking about mom and dad or you!

The US Department of Health & Human Services has a good site to visit for some basic info on what is long term care, how much care will be needed, how do you pay for it (also some cost averages by state) and probably most importantly – how do you decide if this is right for you or your elder parent or loved one?

Like most planning for the future, it really does help to make your wishes known to your kids, or loved ones — or if you’re the child and having this discussion with mom or dad or other family member or close friend — getting to know what they want in regards to long term care will go a long way in helping to prepare in case something happens. There’s not much of a worse feeling than trying to “guess” or “assume” what your family member might like or want when faced with a care community stay or move.

There is also more and more information and a wave of thinking about – RETHINKING aging.  It is especially popular with the Silent and Baby Boomer generation — and I don’t think it will be headed anywhere back to “little old lady” status anytime soon.  We’re not headed toward a less outspoken society regarding age and getting older.

So, what do we do with all this?  Best advice we’ve heard is to research, plan and then be sure to make your wishes, and needs known.  Be one of the 8% :o).

Thanks for taking the time,