New and Updated!

Did ya notice?! MasterCare recently updated and revamped our website.

Entrée Tub open

It needed a fresh new look – and we think we got it — what do you think?

We’re really committed to making this a great experience for our customers and potential customers.  Certainly we want to visit with you in person and on the phone, but we wanted the website be a good place to get information about who we are and what we do.

A few examples — if you’re looking for specs, roughins or architectural drawings, look for this image:   Architect/Contractor Support
Looking to learn more about the products we offer in our online store look for our Accessories page.
Want to see more the information about BathAire, look for this picture: Why BathAire?

Seeking information about a culture change in your community – see our suggestions by visiting The Institute of Bathing Institute of Bathing


Or click on the blue bar right under the first two images to learn more about how MasterCare is transforming bathing culture in other care communities. 

We welcome your input! Please contact us Contact Us with any suggestion you have or comment.

MasterCare is excited to continue to help you transform the lives of the senior and elders you work for in our very small way of providing the ideal spa tubs for their hygiene needs.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Thanks for taking the time,




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