Meet Gina Rosse-Westra!

Gina Rosse-Westra!Gina Rose-Westra has being part of the MasterCare family for over 14 years, as Business Generation Specialist with our sale team.

During this time, her work has been of great value to the growth of MasterCare, generating new sales and giving attention to our existing customers.

Gina got her love and passion from her father and grandfather. That same love and passion, she poured it into her work. That is why Gina is well known by many of our clients who already trust her and felt her as part of their own teams.

Gina extends her passion for caring in her hobbies and activities out of work. When she is not at work, Gina enjoys gardening, playing with all of her grandchildren and going to their activities. She likes decorating, crafts, silk flower arrangements and also landscaping.

She is actively involved with the community as a volunteer in the Platte County Emergency Management Team.

When she was asked about the best advice she received by her elders, she said:

Take pride in your work as it reflects on who you are and always be on time!

And Gina is a reflection of excellence and proud at work.

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