McKnights article carries a lot of weight…..

McKnights columnist and blogger, Gary Tetz’s recent article in McKnights (Nov 2013 issue) titled Playing it forward, really struck a chord with me (no pun intended).  I encourage you to seek out the article.

If you are in anyway involved with caring for those who can’t care for themselves – then you can relate!

I won’t give away  the gist of the story  – but it involves a musical instrument, a gift, a lesson and an epiphany. (Trust me, it all makes sense in the article!!)

Amazingly in life – those lessons and epiphanies come at the most unexpected times!

Here is another story of a lesson in life that not only is an example of appreciation for the little things, but a realization of how easy it is to take the little, everyday things for granted.

Shared by: Diana – MasterCare Bathing System Consultant:

Several years ago I broke my foot in a freak boating accident. I have healed completely and am back in top form but my experience gave me a new perspective.
All of a sudden my mobility was limited.
I was surprised to learn just how many ways limited mobility can affect your day to day life. I got around on crutches, which wasn’t so bad, unless I had to carry something. With two very young children I quickly realized just how many things I was responsible for carrying. Opening doors became a challenge and trying to get through the door once opened, while dangling various bags from any and all possible locations was almost impossible. Turns out it is not that easy to push a shopping cart while on crutches. Or take your dog for a walk, or do laundry, or sit down on the floor to play with your kids.
After a particularly long day of struggling to do just about everything I had decided to take a long, hot bath to soak the aches away, only to realize that was just going to be another challenge. I did manage to get my bath that evening and it did soothe and relax me after such a trying day but it was a challenge to complete this everyday task – one I had previously not given a lot of thought to .
I am happy to be part of a team that works to take the challenge out of bathing for so many who face limited mobility every day.