March: “In like a……

[three_fourth] We should have nothing to say.
The weather in MasterCare’s little corner of the world is not nearly as “bad” as our neighbors in states near and far, but March roared in bitterly cold even for Nebraska standards! So, to finish the old saying… I’d say, “lion”.
March was “In like a lion”.

But a lion is a powerful animal — is it not labeled as the “king of the jungle”? So can that be all bad?? In regards to hard work and dedication, I think not.
At MasterCare we like affiliating ourselves with the lion for those qualities. We are hard at work and approach our jobs with the ferocity of that powerful creature.

MasterCare is grateful and feel blessed to be as busy as we are. We are privileged to help – even in a small way – enrich the lives of our elders.
So in regards to enthusiasm,hard work & dedication — we are going to keep “marching” through March as a LION.