Like Nails on a Chalk Board

Oh Mark, you’re so funny…

I asked Mark in our customer service department to share a recent service question.

Below is his “Hints from Heloise” style response to my request.

Legit question. Legit answer. Humorous delivery.

Dear Mark,

My Entrée (side entry spa) tub makes a noise that it never used to make when the door is going up and down.
What could be causing this?


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Dear Concerned,      

There could be a couple of things going on here.
Is it a loud screeching noise kind of like someone raking their fingernails across a chalkboard?
If it is you have my sympathy.
I hate that noise!
To get rid of that, try applying a little grease on the door springs as they are probably rubbing against the side of the tub as the door goes up and down. (not uncommon, happens with use).
If it’s not that and the noise isn’t  as annoying, it could be the worm
gear sticking out of the actuator motor needs greasing.
This is something that really should be done on a bi-yearly basis anyway
This will prevent premature wear on the actuator motor and extend its life.
A synthetic grease is what we recommend using.
What we use here at the MasterCare is Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease.
If that doesn’t do it, give me a call and I will make sure someone
here smarter than me figures it out for you.

Thanks for the helpful info Mark. Appreciate you and your sense of humor!


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