Just Be Quiet!

Elderly Voice

We all know them, people who talk and talk, but never really say a thing!

Perhaps we’ve even been one of “those” people from time to time (I’m Guilty… 🙂 )

However, Leading Age is asking us to Speak up! Be The Voice of the Change that’s coming in Aging.

This is no time to sit idle!

Seniors with caregiver

The face of Elder Care, Senior Care is changing and you can be a part of how that future looks.

There’s groups that are getting more press about how we all should look at what it means to get older and how our future Senior Communities will likely look.  They are disrupting the “old” way of thinking (as they should).

Be the Voice! Is the tag line for Leading Age this year. Many Organizations and Companies will be taking part in the Leading Age National Convention and Expo this year (Nov. 1-4 in Boston – check out the changing face of elder care spa tubs & hygiene at MasterCare at booth 867). They are effecting change in their sector of Senior Living / Elder Care.

Entrée Tub

Perfect for leading the charge for change.

It’s empowering. It’s effective.

It’s time.



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