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It’s fairly evident MasterCare spends a lot of time in these posts talking about, and sharing info on Memory Care concerns. Bathing those with Alzheimers and Dementia are of HUGE importance to MasterCare. A large part of our customer base has seen marked growth in this sector.

It’s more than that…

But more than the providers we sell our spas and bathing systems to developing and building Memory Care communties, we are passionate about Memory Care. Admittedly, that passion is personal for the author, but also because the owners of MasterCare are in a unique position to design the tubs, showers and other products that directly benefit those in the grips of Alzheimers and Dementia. MasterCare has gotten input and insight from some of the top leaders in this research area.

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The Crisis Prevention Institute and their Dementia Care Specialists was a group we recently met and who gave us outstanding insight! I’ll share more from our conversations of MasterCare’s  barrier free spa tub (The Entree) & enhancements for dementia residents in another post. What I wanted to share today was their e-book. You can download it here. Good tips for any caregiver.

If one is good, more is better

It’s estimated by 2030 over 75 million (world wide) will have dementia. That’s 7  5.    Million, with an M.

By 2050, this same group esitmates we’ll see 135 million with Dementia.  (source World Health Organization) .

Currently the world wide tally is at nearly 48 million.

So, seeing as how this hideous disease isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (it would be great if it did), another link I came across is from – it’s another free,  downloadable guide on caring for someone with Alzheimers.

It is a personal thing for me, and us…. MasterCare wants to help you be better prepared.

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