In the Year 2525….


Senior Living will VERY much look different than it does today.

But really, it’s not going to take even that long!

Now, before you scoff.  That’s a mere 10 years.
A blink of an eye. If you have kids or grandkids that grew up (or are growing up) way too fast – 10 years ago was — like yesterday!

Think back how quickly we got to 2015, from 2010, from 9-11, from the turn of the millennium.


So, what we’re hearing is the face of Senior Living WILL change.

Experts state “baby boomers” (1946-1964 — the oldest of whom are not quite 70) are more “particular” than even the previous, so called – “silent generation”. They will be even more selective and vocal.

So, what does that mean for many of the communities now?

Those same experts say:  “Prepare!”

And really, not only do providers need to prepare, but really, so do designers, developers,  manufacturers, etc., etc.

We need to become aware of what our future elder and future customer looks like, what they want, don’t want and begin to adapt to stay competitive.

console EXPO 01

Some are even making predictions on the future of Elder Care.

How do you think the up and coming Elder generation’s housing will look as compared to what you see today?


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