In a Panic…

No need to panic – really – but….. It can be quite stressful when something doesn’t work as it normally does in your senior care community, and you have a resident who needs attention!
cartoon facesFear not!  MasterCare’s customer service team is always willing to lend a hand with any question you might have about your MasterCare spa or bathing system.  Whether you call us at 800.798.5867 or email us at  we’re here for you!

Serious solutions…  Mark, in our Customer Service Department  has come up with a fun scenario with serious solutions.   Enjoy.

Dear Mark, I have a resident in my Entrée 
tub and the door 
will not go down!!  
What should I do?  ~ In A Panic
“Dear In A Panic, Either bring the resident a warm blanket and
tell him or her that lunch will be brought in a couple of hours 🙂
…or you can follow these three easy steps and have
them out in no
time flat.

1) Make sure there is electricity to the tub. This can simply be
done by turning on the blower. Don’t worry, you can turn it on
even if there is no water in the tub. 
If it does not turn on,
have maintenance check the GFCI either in the (outlet) receptacle or for
GEN II (Generation two) Entree tubs, on the right side of the tub
under the soap dish.soap dishMB68 AVXL GFCI location with hand operation


2)  If you have electricity, try shutting the drain and reopening it. 

Entree Gen II Drian HandleA lot of the times when the door will not go down,
it is because a resident may have inadvertently
stepped on the drain and partially closed it
enough to engage the safety limit switch that doesn’t
allow the Entree spa tub door to go down when the
drain is closed with water in it
Entree seat & drain

3) If all else fails, use the yellow t-handle with the ball on
the end of it to manually lower the door. 

Tball handleOn older tubs, this
t-handle came in the accessories
box with the brushes and pads.
Gen II grab bar back riser plate

On the GEN II tubs, it is located under the service box on the tub directly to
the right of the plumbing package. The ball end of this handle fits inside the top of the
big screw (actuator screw) that comes out of the motor that runs the door.
This also is located in the rear center deck of theEntree tub.
If you put the ball in the socket on top of the screw and turn the handle clockwise,
the door will open manually, and you will be able to get the resident on their way to enjoying their day at your community.

Thanks for writing “Panic” – we appreciate your business!”
~Mark ~
MasterCare Customer Service

 The scenario maybe pretend, but the advice is spot on to what
MasterCare service would advise our customers in that situation.

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