How to bathe a kitten

Did you know if you conduct a web search of “How to bathe a kitten” a whole host of articles, videos and step by step instructions pop-up?
Ivy Lynn (May 2015)
This little sweetie is my adorable granddaughter with her adorable kitten – AND before you accuse me of shamelessly exploiting their cuteness, let me explain: that was the only pic of a kitten I had! …. I could have used a picture of my own cat – who although looks as if she is “with kitten” -, is not…. And, I wanted a relevant visual to help tell my story.
So, the world wide web is replete with bathing kitten and cats hints & tips – even step by step instructions.
Well, what about bathing Seniors? Elderly? the Aging? Your search will likely return some helpful hints. Now search “How to bathe people in a skilled nursing facility” or .”..assisted living community”. Limited direct search links are returned.
In all fairness – likely because daily hygiene is a pretty basic function so why would we need the instruction?? Aren’t all baths created equal? Take a poll of the staff at various elder care communities and you’re likely to hear a resounding “NO”!
And as it should be – we’re individuals after all. Even to the point where we need full assistance at bath time. Yes, struggles with daily hygiene or needing bath assistance is one of the number one reasons requiring a move to a care center. But the need for the assistance doesn’t mean we’ve all of a sudden become a mannequin.
Our customers tell us the best success they have with bathing, whether that be for assisted, memory care, rehab, hospice, hospital or nursing residents, is to remember the person first. Then offer a plan with: Options,safety,dignity & comfort. (Not necessarily in that order.)
Both the bathee and bather will be happier with the outcome.

So where does the adorable kitten fit in?
A web-search will return to you much of the same procedures for a happy and clean kitty – my adorable Grandaughter not included. đŸ˜‰

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