How do you measure up?

Time to up your game

Old Elder Care CommunityElders are becoming choosy — or we’re finally listening is perhaps a better description.  They – and more importantly their kids (baby boomers) know what they want!  What care communities are they choosing? What do communities and their staff offer that the community down the road or in the next town over does not? What features or amenities set an elder care residence apart?  This article from Senior Housing news offers good insight — especially in the area of memory care.

It’s competitive

son helping momSons and daughters of potential or current residents are in a large part, baby boomers – and we’ve all read, and will continue to read about their decision making and expectations. This is especially important as they research indicates they are picturing themselves in the care communities (or not) in 20 years or so.  It’s not just about impressing company. It’s about transforming the culture to focus on the individual – this will be their home after all. And, of course the choosiness will not ease up with next generations.



Elder Care CommunityTrue offering a resort style elder, assisted or rehab care community is a good idea. What about those buildings that can’t be updated on the exterior or have limited funds for interior updates?  Well the real transformation comes from education of staff to this culture change or #Transformation that needs to continue to happen. After all – aren’t we all going to be there one day too?

** Revised after hearing some comments from folks at the AHCA in San Antonio earlier this week.  See us again at Leading Age in Boston, MA. Love to gain insight into ElderCare and Culture Change.

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