Giving Thanks, for Veterans

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November is the grateful month.

What with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving in the same month (this November also contained end of DST and an Election Tuesday — I’ll let you determine for yourselves whether to be thankful for those or not…)
 November is full of opportunities for appreciation.

Do you ever stop to think where we’d be without our Veterans? It can be an overwhelming concept — but no doubt life would be very much different than it is today.

Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, we can all agree men and women who made the choice (ok admittedly some didn’t necessarily have the choice…..) to use their time and talent to help shape our nation – deserve respect.  Some sadly offered the ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans cemetery

It’s likely one of the things Veteran owned businesses are most proud of – showing their pride at having served and serving other Veterans.

During this month of thanks and gratitude MasterCare would like to extend appreciation to the health and care communities serving Veterans. These customers of ours care for those who have helped keep the liberties, rights and freedoms many of us take for granted – they deserve the utmost respect and care.

Veteran in wheelchair

As a Veteran Owned Small Business, founded by Air Force Vet – Jim Novotne, MasterCare is proud to continue his vision of quality and service to these brave men and women.

 Jim N DSC00126

We’re honored at being authorized to do business with the government. 

In fact the National Veterans Small Business Event is in Pittsburgh this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing many of you.  Please stop booth 447, let us shake your hand and thank you for your service.


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