Every little bit helps

Little blue planet…

Conserving resources, being a steward of the land, leaving the earth better than we found it…

.water conservation

We’ve all heard the conservationist’s cries.  Many of us are doing our part without a lot of publicizing or fan fare.

Doing and being those things doesn’t have to be a large effort nor done by large groups.

It can start small

Take California for example.  The Jerry Brown – Governor declared a drought emergency in January of 2014. All residents, businesses and communities were called on to do their part.

According to this recent article, Esakton Village  – an eldercare community in Carmichael, CA  has some ingenious water saving ideas. A couple examples include: after mealtime, leftover water from glasses is used to water plants; most residents are limiting their shower to 5 minutes.  Read about their other efforts here.

These are small efforts.” you say; “I do this all the time.”  you think.

You’re probably right, and good for you!  Our elders have been doing this kind of thing all their life though – it wasn’t so much about conservation was it was common sense. (Our seniors are so smart! ;o) )

But just because they’re small and common shouldn’t keep them from being done.

After all, every little bit helps. We can all use a bit more conserving and a bit less consuming.  Regardless if the conservation need is drought or something else.

senior recycleMasterCare tips our hat to these elders and their community family.  Let’s spread the word — what is your elder care community doing to conserve resources?

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