Elder Care for Mom/Dad

 Seniors with caregiverPeople get Old…

Most of us have loved ones…. many of us will be or have faced (if we are lucky) their aging.  Have you had the conversation “What if?” or “What then?”   It’s TOUGH!  The what, where, when and how not to mention the emotional side of it all is a challenge, to say the least.  It feels a bit awkward — it’s rather like a role reversal.

Don’t go it alone….

In this age of Google and her kin, there is no reason to think you have to figure this out on your own.  So many of our customers tell us they are willing to answer questions, give tours and offer sources of information on this admittedly difficult journey.

Don’t go it alone, seek assistance from your areas Elder communities, the library, Chamber of Commerce, Churches, Synagogues, friends and neighbors who’ve already experienced this.

Here are a few resources to review with your loved ones:
Memory Bridge
Crisis Prevention
Choosing an Assisted Living Community
Culture Change – Time for the Transformation?
A Place for Mom

You’ll get through it — Good luck,



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