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Ditch weed?

With all the jokes good natured (perhaps not so good-natured) fun poked at the recent legalization of marijuana in some US states  & heated arguments over the subject.  There has been quite a bit of research into medical marijuana for some years.

Pros & Cons

Medical cannabis as it’s often referred to, has been used to relieve symptoms of cancer, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis & other illnesses for quite awhile.   cannibas prescriptAccording to ProCon proponents argue the safe and effective treatment for symptoms & cite reviews to support their claims.  Opponents offer, among other reasons, there isn’t a need for it with the availability of other legal medications.

A flicker…

An interesting blog post from our friends at Sunrise Senior Living dives into a recent study done on marijuana as a treatment for dementia.  Even though the article title indicates there isn’t any… keep reading… the last paragraph offers a flicker of optimism with continued research.

And with so many dark spots when it comes to dementia, a flicker, glimmer or spark is a welcome site!

Weigh in, what do you think?       Thanks for taking the time,  ~R

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