Did you know?

 MasterCare has a warranty that can cover your spa and bathing system for up to 10 years??

That’s the longest in our industry.


How can you get it?

Well, as a MasterCare spa or tub customer you get a 3 year warranty right “out of the box” as I like to say.

There are 2 convenient ways to extend your MasterCare warranty up to 7 (seven) years!!

You can purchase it outright OR you can participate in our liquids purchase program.

The outright is simple and costs less than $1500.  And that is a onetime charge, by the way.

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The liquids program is simple too. You are buying liquid products for your community anyway – to either clean your spa or bathing system or shampoo or body wash for your Elders or clients to use.  Why not have those purchases count toward extending your warranty?

We will even take care of the reorder with our Auto-Ship program!  

We also keep track of your required purchases, so really we’ve tried to make as simple and as pain free as possible.

Please contact us today for more info on getting the extended warranty with your recent MasterCare tub purchase.  Remember, you’re already getting 3 year of the parts warranty for NO additional dollars.


So, now you know!

Please let us hear from you with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for taking the time,



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