Define “Transformation”

Accoring to “transformation” is defined as:

: a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.

You hear or read MasterCare using that word a lot in nearly everything from our advertising to our tweets with # (hashtag) Transformation.

We do so because MasterCare began as a company in 1994 based partically on that premise – a complete or major change…. Bathing or baths at Nursing Homes or Assisted Living communities had larging been done the same for the ages before whirlpool tubs changed the industry. MasterCare’s founders and engineers turned the whirlpool idea on its hygienic ear with the introduction of BathAire.

This closed loop, self sealing heated air only technology transformed that unsanitary whirlpool model into one that is a better fit for cleanliness and hygiene at senior care and other communities caring for those with complex medical needs.

MasterCare transformed BathAire by making it a variable speed feature within a few years of its introduction & then again in 2009 with introduction of Aromatherapy to the standard feature. A few years later we designed the custom made aerators to be top accessible (maintenance staff love us even more now!). The BathAire aerator top seal is also the check valve thanks to one of the latest #Transformation to our signature standard feature.

Learn more about this Transformative feature of MasterCare’s spa and bathing tubs by going here.
And if you want to join the #Transformation please contact us as we’d love to hear your thoughts and help you with your Nuring home, Rehab, Assisted Living bathing or spa renovations or projects.

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