December – cold, cold, cold

Well, here we are again.  December in Nebraska! COLD!!

It is a mystery as to why, for those of us who have lived here for eons (or all our lives) are surprised EVERY year about this time – when the cold snap starts, but surprised we are!

AND do we complain!

Heavens! We are complaining so loudly, likely they can hear us from space!  In some small way, we’re hoping our complaints will
A: make us feel better about living in the frozen tundra of  the Cornhusker state
B: generate enough body heat to keep us warm until May.

Be that as it may, here we are and likely, here we will stay. Because outside of the the 6 months of biting wind & frozen landscape & 4 months we spend either baking in the sun , or cursing the weather gods that the rain won’t stop.  There are 2 months of almost decent weather in which to porch sit, BBQ, plant corn & either take down or put up Christmas lights (it’s too cold to do that in Dec!!!)

So, we love it here in NE and no, that is not the abbreviation for a newly formed state named “New England” – it’s Nebraska – and it is

“The Good Life”


2 thoughts on “December – cold, cold, cold”

  1. You guys are a dedicated lot. I’ve never really understood your unconditional commitment to “The Good Life” but I’m pretty sure there is something you can take for it.

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