Contests are SO much fun!

We are having a blast viewing and reviewing the entries for the spa contest (view the MasterCare home page for details on the 2 contests we have going!  ( )

Left side Integrity front entry bathing system
Left side

People are SO darn creative! And thoughtful!

It’s clear to me these communities have their Residents comfort and dignity as a main focus.  Those spa rooms are lovely!

Can’t wait to see yours!!

4 thoughts on “Contests are SO much fun!”

  1. I received a postcard in the mail announcing that a contest was being held and a chance to win free stuff could be possible. I am the Supervisor of the LTC Unit at the county hospital where I am employed. We are licensed for 28 LTC residents. We are currently full with a waiting list for folks to come in when a vacancy is available. Our residents enjoy our present whirlpool tub that we have purchased several years ago. The residents would love to sit and relax for several hours if possible but with 28 residents it is difficult for 1 resident to sit in there long.

  2. Thanks Clara!
    We actually have 2 Washington County Hospitals listed as customers!
    Can you please provide your address. Also, do you want to submit a picture of your MasterCare spa tub for the contest?

  3. Thank you Paulette – that is so nice to hear. Congratulations on your years at St. Luke’s; the community clearly must be a great place to work!

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