Cleaning is a breeze – now with a Sporicide

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Read about it!  MasterCare now offering a product effective against C-DIFF! 

As we approach cold and flu season (honestly, around my house – nearly every season is fair game!) many people and especially elder care communities up their defenses against “bugs” that can make elders, patients, staff,  and themselves – sick!

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According to WebMD, as many as 1,000 species of microorganisms live in the average digestive tract.  Good thing, most of them don’t really cause any real harm and some are even good to have. However – when something upsets the apple cart of your gut – BEWARE! You can get sick!
ANNND, one of the nastiest of nasties – is an acronym that causes turmoil in communities across the country:  the bacterium known as Clostridium difficile (AKA: C-DIFF or  C. difficile).  These angry lil fellas overgrow and as they do, release toxins that attack our sensitive intestine lining causing colitis.

C. diff is one of the most important causes of infectious diarrhea in the U.S.

BUT – here is some good news.  Recently a product has come on the market to kill nearly 100% of CDiff spores without bleach.

 MasterCare is now offering CDIFF Sporicide Disinfectant to use on your MasterCare spa and bathing tub!

Keep in mind, MasterCare spas and bathing systems are STILL the simplest products of their type to clean and disinfect — so the concerns you have about CDIFF spreading are not as great – as MasterCare spas and bathing systems are surface cleaning only.

However, we have heard from some of our customers they’d like to have the option to have a product effective against CDiff spores for their MasterCare tub surface.


Read more in a post from May of this year on the simplicity of cleaning your MasterCare spas and tubs….


It is simple to clean your MasterCare bathing system!
Due to the fact that it is not a whirlpool system. Or an air spa with jets that must be disassembled. It’s a better alternative!
Customers new to MasterCare often ask us if there is “more” to our cleaning instructions. Short answer is “no”. It is surface cleaning. BathAire is heated air only out of custom made aerators (jets) that are self sealing. These aerators not only are self sealing but contain check valves as a secondary line of defense. The aerators are top accessible. With a tool even I can simply remove them from the tub to check them or replace them. (I’m pretty handy and think I’m pretty tough – but prefer an easy route when I can get it!).

BathAire new valve closed

MasterCare’s disinfectant cleaner is effective against a whole host of pathogens: MRSA, E-coli, HIV, etc… Which means, you don’t have to purchase additional disinfectants to kill most bugs you may encounter in the assisted, nursing, rehab or other eldercare environments in which you may be utilizing your bathing or spa system.

I often tell our customers, just like you clean /scrub your tub at home; you would clean your MasterCare tub at work. We provide you the scrub brush and a starter bottle of disinfectant, you provide a bit of elbow grease after each bath and, viola! on your way to a clean and disinfected MasterCare spa tub!

The 3 “S’s” to remember when cleaning your MasterCare tub: Simple Surface Scrubbing. If cleaning the hydro tub at your facility is not that simple — might be time for a #TransformationLiter Liquids 1 DSC00120!

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