Changes in Memory…..

I recently saw an advertisement for a white paper from one of the prestigious medical journals titled: :”The Secrets of Super Agers: Why Do Some Brains Seem to Defy Dementia”.  It opens with a line about being over 40 and if you haven’t noticed a change in alertness or memory – you soon will.

That struck a chord as A: yes, I’m over 40 and B: my mother passed in her late 70s after a battle with dementia. So, I’m SUPER sensitive to Alzheimer’s and Dementia conversations, topics and research. I have to admit I chuckled to myself upon reading the headline – “better flag this as you won’t “remember” to come back to this email”! (Ha! Ya gotta have humor – life is too serious without it!)

What I find encouraging is the amount of research dollars and awareness that have come about – even in the past couple years – regarding these hideous diseases.  And that so many care communities are recognizing the need for specialized care for those with these illnesses. Memory Care communities are popping up all over!

Although it comes too late for my mother, it is comforting to know that dollars and “sense” are being put into one day, hopefully soon, us being able to FORGET Alzheimer’s and Dementia for good!



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