Change is good — really

Resistance is: “any force that stops or slows motion.”
Change is: “Make or become a different substance entirely; transform”


3 Levels of Resistance

I don’t GET it
I don’t LIKE it
I don’t like YOU

Gee, thanks…

That’s probably one of the biggest reasons change is SO hard — it’s the resistance of yourself or others to the change – or the person(s) mandating the change.

What’s also hard about change and often causing resistance is the fact those AFFECTED by the change feel powerless to it. Admit it, as an adult it is hard to do what others tell us to do.
We think – “I’m not a child!” or “Hey, why wasn’t I asked?”


Successful leaders and those wanting to have successful changes know the key lies in “Empowering” their staff.

Seniors with caregiver
Conditions of empowerment are: Clear Expectations, Information, Supportive Environment, Resources, Education & Skills and Knowledge.

Relating to Elder Care

The Cultural Transformation is all about empowerment:
– Empowering Elders & their families to be an advocate for their care and their wants / needs.
– Empowering their assistants, or “Empowered Care Partners” to provide them the kind of care they want as well as need – at the time they want or need it.

It’s easy for some to make the transformation, and not so for others.
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