Burning Question…

To bathe or shower?

Perhaps not a burning question, but one  we get fairly regularly here at MasterCare.  The great thing is with MasterCare’s bathing and spa systems – customers don’t have to choose.  All MasterCare tubs come standard with shower wands and because of our unique, hygienic BathAire heated aeration system – you can run that heated, scented air with little to no water in the tub – so your residents can be warm and soothed even if they just want a shower.

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Options are good

Having a piece of capital equipment that can dual (or multi) purpose is certainly a cost savings for your community!  With the  BathAire feature & shower wands  being a standard tub items  – you’re saving money from the get-go with the ability to offer your elder or senior care residents a choice – bath or shower.

The ability for your assisted living, skilled nursing or rehab residents to use their own products in therapy tub is also a nice option.  Our customers’ tell us they also like the heated seat option, the reservoir option and the scale option MasterCare spas and tubs offer.
Some of our customer’s tell us they utilize their spa as a marketing tool to prospective clients, sharing that residents have the option of purchasing spa packages. (# of spa baths (or showers!) in a week / months time  – above the included baths).  They tell us they help pay for their tub this way. In one customer’s example:  $35/ extra bath, which if you have 4 of your lovely assisted living residents a day taking advantage of this extra treat, 5 days a week, you’ll have over $34,000 in under a year!) Booyah!!

 Transforming Bathing

All this links back up with a post published recently on person centered care in retirement living. (How to Bathe a Kitten).
Keeping things about the person you’re caring for makes bath or shower time an enjoyable experience our senior care customers tell us.  Their nursing home is just a more fun place, they say – no burning questions about how to keep residents and staff happy!

That’s a #transformation if I ever saw one!

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