Benefits of Aromatherapy

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Essentially Smelly

You’ve likely been invited to a few of those “essential oils” parties recently.

They’re all the rage in my area it seems.  People have jumped on this essential oil band wagon like it’s a new thing.

Hate to burst anyone’s bubble – but it’s not.

Essential oils are the basis for Aromatherapy and that’s been around since before Jesus.

Ancient Smells

ancient aromatherapyAroma means scent and therapy means treatment, so essentially (pun intended) Aromatherapy means “scent treatment” – and it’s been around for ages and ages.  Read more about the history of Aromatherapy in this “How stuff works” article.

The art of using the scent from plants and herbs has been practiced in all corners of the globe for ages. It became more “sophisticated” when folks started extracting the essential oils from those plants and herbs to get a purer product for sniffing or massaging – to increase those health-ful benefits.

Smells instead of Pills

An obvious reason Aromatherapy is so popular is because it is a natural alternative, relieving a wide variety of health concerns ranging from: stress, fatigue, irritability, can regulate hormones, decrease sinus congestion, help one sleep better, stimulate the immune system, and promote mental sharpness. There are a whole host of benefits noted from inhaling the scents or massaging the oil into the skin.

It’s in the Bag


Most females likely got small pouches or sachets of beads or other fragranced particles from our Grandmothers for our “unmentionables” drawer.  Mine was lavender beads and it smelled heavenly.  I can remember that scent to this day!

MasterCare has been using this Aromatherapy concept as a feature on  senior care spa tubs since 2008.  Small, fragrant pouches of aromatherapy beads are inserted into a canister on the tub through which the BathAire system blows, delivering that relaxing or invigorating scent to the tub occupant.

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It’s revolutionary as far as the tub industry is concerned but not as far as the therapy is concerned.

Using what God created to make us feel better – man can’t take credit for that – for figuring out how to use it, probably.

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