Being the VOICE


Nope, not a singing competition.  I’d say it’s a bit more important than that.

“Be The Voice” is the slogan for the Leading Age organization this year.

What does that mean exactly?  Well for  many we’ve heard from, it can mean being the mouthpiece for those in care communities who can’t (or don’t have the opportunity) to speak up for their care options.  It can mean thinking outside the box as we approach the “Silent and Baby Boom” generations who are said to have more particular tastes, and aren’t waiting to make their voices heard.  As we learn more about forms of Memory Loss, “Be The Voice” can mean we need to advocate for the proper care for those Elders struggling in its grips.

There appears to be no one definition, no one “right” answer.  And, that’s fine.

Thing is, we’re all getting older (God willing 🙂 ), and we need to put the talent and resources toward the proper care and community for our most senior and frail members of society.  I think we’re called to do that as human beings.

The Leading Age Conference and Expo is being held in Boston this year. Nov. 1-4.  Days will be packed with insightful meetings and presentations. The expo hall is filled with innovative elder care products and thoughtful elder care services from many companies who are dedicated to helping care givers find solutions and offer the best experience possible for the folks that call their communities home.

console EXPO 02

See ya there!

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