Senior Lady Happy and Ready for Her Bath Time

Bathing Etiquette

Senior BathIt can be a difficult transition to rely on someone else for something as personal as bathing. At times, it’s a challenge for the caregiver to ensure the senior gets the hygiene they require while staying respectful to the bather. Playing music and keeping a smooth conversation going can ease tension.

At MasterCare, we kept this in mind while designing the Entree Spa Tub. Controls are located at the Entree’s foot end to allow visual and physical contact enhancing dignity and reducing anxiety from behind or out of sight of the bather.

Entree Controls and BathAire Feature

Seniors get cold easily and that was also on the forefront during design. Our BathAire hydrotherapy system creates soothing bubbles while warm air is introduced into the tub. This is also beneficial as the tub drains because it keeps the bather warm and relaxed. Our comfort warm heated seat option on the Entree bath ensures the seat is not cold when the bather gets into the tub, and keeps them warm throughout their bath.  Adding our custom Aromatherapy beads creates a soothing experience that seniors can look forward to at bathing time.