Attaining the Summit

The Smell Test

The days of institutional looking and, let’s face it – smelling “old folks homes” are all but gone.  (Personally, I really hope they are all gone!)nose

Did you visit one of those as a kid?
Either by coercion or my own accord; I’d stop in for an afternoon to visit an elderly (and most likely ailing) relative who really looked forward to my visits.  In part because of the company, a chance to catch-up & of course –  as their official BINGO! good luck charm & shouter – they were sure to win the coveted back scratcher or crocheted tissue box cover!
Perhaps you went to visit Gramps or Grams, your Memaw, Papa or Nana. Maybe Uncle Bob or neighbor Marie…  That may be where they lived, but it wasn’t their home – you didn’t think so  – and they certainly did not.  As a kid I remember enjoying the visit and the camaraderie, but NOT the surroundings.  Some homes took efforts to make it more appealing, but it was a culture, a culture of “getting older”.

Flash forward a few dozen years and conversations on senior living uses words like culture change, person centered care and transformation! We talk about adapting environments and offering options and turning ageism on its ear!  There are 5 star chefs, resort style spa amenities real efforts to make Senior Lifestyle a choice.  Rehab & Transitional communities have sprouted up with the goal of let’s get these folks well and back to their home!
All of this are steps in the right direction!  In the words of KJ Langlais:  “Make it right before I get there.”
Seniors with caregiver

Addressing the Summit

According to Word Hippo the meaning of the word “summit” is 1 of 3 things:  The highest point of a hill or mountain.   The highest attainable level of achievement.  A meeting between heads of government.  So, it is very fitting Senior Housing News has chosen this word as the name of their event next week in Chicago.  The Senior Housing Summit will network leading industry executives to share their insight into new developments, trends and the outlook for Senior Living in our nation.

Gathering of Great Minds

Seniors aren’t going anywhere – in fact their numbers are on the rise and these seniors will not go quietly  into the nursing homes of the past.  The time to address the summit is here. summitIt’s good to see such great minds are already on the track to enlighten, empower & assist those senior living providers to addressing, achieving and surpassing the Summit!


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