6 Degrees of….


Freezing Thermometer

Could be used to describe the wintry blast around here lately that has moose & polar bears from way up north looking to relocate — OR, that silly parlor game: “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”.  You know the one, where supposedly you can connect any one “Hollywood star” to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps.  All because in 1994, Mr. Bacon proclaimed himself to have worked with everyone in Hollywood, or knows someone who’s worked with them.  It became a bit of a tongue and cheek way of referring to the six degrees of separation philosophy – any two people on the planet are linked by 6 or fewer acquaintances.  Mind you, there are over 7.3 BILLION people on the planet (and counting!), but sure — why not – give it a try and let me know how it goes.

So, what about 2016? How does this year relate to other years?

It’s the  year of the Red Fire Monkey according to the Chinese calendar (trying to figure out all that calendar kind of makes my head spin), and  you can get depression and anxiety if you spend too much time mulling over Nostradamus’ predictions for this year. It’s a US Presidential Election Year. Ready or not, there are some changes a coming!  Everyone is an expert – or so we like to think!

But let’s talk about something we DO know more about:  What’s the future hold for Seniors and Elders in their care and living options?

Quote: Listen To Elders Advice

Here are just a few of the highlights we found for the Future of Elder Care / Senior Living:

Technology:  From advances in medicine to connectivity for our seniors to their loved ones, to robotic care.  Technology will be a big player in the lives of elders.

Terminology: There are some words and phrases that are frowned upon now in regards to how we talk about Elders and their home options as they age.  We don’t view this as “political correctness” as much as we do “respect.”

Dementia:  Unless a cure is found, by 2025 it’s estimated the population with Alzheimer’s / Dementia will top 7.1 million; in 2050 it’s speculated that number will skyrocket to 13.8 million people.   The current number of those affected by Alzheimer’s / Dementia is 5.1 million. 

Image result for award winning senior living design

Advancement in Equipment and Amenities:    Manufacturers, Designers, Engineers and Architects will all continue to up their game when it comes to how senior & elder community care homes look, what options, features and amenities they contain, how they’re designed – even where they’re at.  The up and coming seniors are not becoming LESS choosy.

Equipment manufacturers are developing more products that are less institutional looking – while still offering the function that’s needed – with options and features that are geared toward comfort and luxury. All this done with the “Elder of the future” in mind.  Beautiful senior care assistance products, as well as those that are functionally superior are predicted to be popular this year.

Of course physic hats would come in handy here too, but based on what we’re reading, hearing and seeing it doesn’t come as any surprise- the Elder Care landscape & elements are changing.

In reality, how are any of us good at predicting the future… let’s focus on doing good today in an effort to be better tomorrow. One day at a time, one person at a time, one community at a time.

Together, our future can be bright.

Thanks for taking the time; it has been a pleasure…


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