4 Star General Advice

I’d take it! On leadership, challenges, ALFA 2015Colin Powell ALFAor facing adversity!
Aging can present great challenges and great crises. Working towards improving processes in senior / elder care, patient care are a must! And the baby boomers headed toward retirement are demanding it!
General Powell was a Keynote speaker at the #ALFA2015 @ALFA_Online Senior Living Conference is Tampa FL May 4-7 2015.
His memoirs: It Worked for Me is a collection of his memories, thoughts and advice.
We were glad to be in attendance with other ALFA conference participants to have an opportunity to hear General Powell’s words of wisdom.
General Powell was also kind enough to stop by the MasterCare expo booth. And was overhead to have commented about the Entree spa system… “that looks like a nice tub; I need that tub!”
Thanks General Powell, we think you do too! đŸ™‚

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