2014 on the horizon…..

Somehow, it has happened. Another year is quickly coming to a close!

I was pondering using the headline:

2014 looms on the horizon!! 

 That almost seems ominous, & that isn’t what I meant to say anyway.

My point is, the passing of 2013 into 2014 is practically upon us and I’m not certain where the time went.

We have all heard that phrase often enough, at some point I should start to prepare, perhaps before Thanksgiving, for the closing of one year and the beginning of the next.

It’s the passage of time I think most of us (me) have a more difficult time accepting as we (me) get older.

Getting older is not a bad thing in any stretch of the imagination. I’m graced with yet another day with my family, friends, at a job I’m grateful for, in a community I’m happy to be a part of – so in that respect — bring on the years!

Getting older in the sense of some of the less fun parts of aging, limitations I encounter on life’s journey, the passage of milestones for my children and saying goodbye to family and friends are accepted with a bit less enthusiasm – but hey – again – a part of the journey.

Since a large part of MasterCare’s business is senior living, the close of a year is met with gratitude to our customers for another successful year.  The passing  from year to year, in a business sense, can be seen as a future for MasterCare and those this company employs.  We manufacturer & market bathing systems for senior living communities. Some might say – aging –  is job security.

We however choose to look at this upcoming year as another opportunity to connect with those in elder care who are assisting those who can’t always care for themselves with the simple pleasures in life – like a nice warm bath.

 So, I’d like to re-type the headline I suggested above. No longer is 2014 looming,  we are

Best in the new year and always,